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Development of systems: mobile applications and multi-currency light wallets, wallets for Daps, as well as exchange services, market Analytics tools using blockchain

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Mobile cryptocurrency wallets Guarda — Evercode Lab

Developed four cryptocurrency wallets for storing, receiving, sending, purchasing and exchanging popular cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Bitcoin Gold. They work on Android devices and allows you to make purchases with a card.
Release of the first app
1.5 months
Release of all apps
4 months
Java, Bitcoinj (by Evercode Lab)

About project

In the second half of 2017, we released four cryptocurrency wallets for Guarda. All of them have a similar interface and functionality and are developed for the most popular cryptocurrencies.


  • Simplicity and convenience of interaction with the wallet
  • High-security level when users work with wallets


All Guarda wallets have a similar interface, intuitive and minimalistic. We, with the client team, tried to make the applications without information noise. So, we left a small number of texts and prompts after first user testing.

The plans were included to make the wallet universal, exhaustive in its functionality. In the first step, we integrated cryptocurrency exchanges through changelly.com API. When a user requests for an exchange, we generate the hidden deposit address changelly, through which the exchange transaction takes place. This function turned out to be in demand, which pushed us to the second step. Built-in card purchases through a reliable bank and with a minimum commission. Buying a crypt for Fiat is a top priority for most users, especially newbies. Therefore, we solved this problem and are very proud of this function.

We provided to a user the choice of the transaction sending model and the setup both the Gas Limit with the fee.

All the wallets made by us do not store and do not process the funds of users on the server. All private information is stored in the local storage and can only be obtained on the client side. Transmission of transaction data occurs over encrypted connections. Guarda’s wallet looks much like a good mobile bank. Easy to use and safe at the same time.


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Integration Guarda Chrome extension and Ethereum dApps
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Integration of Binance Chain tokens and Ledger into Guarda Wallet
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