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case 9

Development of CRM for CADFEM CIS. Version 2.0 — Evercode Lab

In the second version, we improved the user interface and significantly expanded the functionality of the system.
implemented in all branches
9 months
Symfony, Doctrine (MySQL), ElasticSearchBootstrap
Bootstrap (mobile layout)

About customer

CADFEM CIS is a software distributor, which training and consulting in the field of engineering analysis. The basis of the CADFEM CIS product line is ANSYS software tools. The company located in 6 Russian cities, where more than 60 employees.

About project

In 2016, we launched the SamovarCRM sales and project management system for CADFEM CIS. The sales system collects information about leads and deals, helps with tasks management and workload planning, generates documents, show statistics.


The main tasks of the project were:

  • The implementation of CRM-systems in all branches
  • Development of new features and improve the user experience


New features

Accounting for payments and bills in different currencies. The new version can register the contract in Russian rubles, US dollars and euros. But invoices must be generate in rubles. The system recalculates the amount and updates the balance.

New ANSYS client registrations, including filling out an application in ANSYS, letter generation and response registration. The system records the date of registration and notifies the manager of the need for renewal upon expiration. Brief information of registrations is given in the company card.

Bulk mailing should have three main possibilities: filters for mailing lists, export data to the Sendgrid service and generate statistics with results. We have made the matrix logic of filters, which works narrowing and expanding the mailing list. And exclusive filters. It also provides the ability to save a set of filters and use them to create new sets. Export of data to Sendgrid was implemented via an API with the ability to create a list and send a mailing in the SamovarCRM interface. Statistics with mailing results from Sendgrid are also can upload to CRM.

You can add avatars to some entities now: Users, Companies, Contacts, Leads and Services.

Contact working history allows sales managers to update contact data and archive outdated information while maintaining access. The contact can change the phone number or email address, resign or change company, where he will continue to interact with CADFEM CIS. All such changes are contained in the Contact Card now.

The mobile layout was implemented for the main blocks of CRM for quick access to information. The first version of SamovarCRM did not assume mobile layout, but staff reviews indicated it's a necessity.

The mobile layout was implemented for the main blocks of CRM for quick access to information. The first version of SamovarCRM did not assume mobile layout, but staff reviews indicated it's a necessity.

Improvement of existing features

In addition to the pipeline, which implemented in the first version of the system, the second version included final reports for the month, quarter and year; the date of the report section and the role of the Responsible person for the report. In version 2.0, it became the ability to download a report in excel format. We have added graphical representation of pipeline from the first version.

In the second version, we extended the list of importing file formats. In addition to HTML and PDF files, users can add files in DOCX format. It is possible to attach files to different entities: Companies, Contacts, Opportunities, document revisions and comments.

We have improved the logic of the Opportunities module for maximum automation of the workflow. The user follows the specified Opportunity scenario, and the module shows the conversion status of Opportunity to sale in percent. Added validation for open, successfully closed and lost opportunities.

The main goal of the project was full integration of CRM into the sales management process in all branches, which would allow structuring commercial information and improving sales predictions. It was done by the schedule and really increased the effectiveness of managers teamwork. That is, my expectations were met in full.

The most effective was the Agile-approach. Regular feedback, the possibility of adjusting the technical specifications, weekly delivery of new features - all this made the development process more flexible. I would like to note the work of the project manager Julia Komoza - her strict control of planning and development on her side also had a positive impact on our joint work.

Artem Avedian, Commercial Director at Cadfem CIS.

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